Your Ultimate Guide to Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals

Your Ultimate Guide to Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals

Planning a trip to Anna Maria Island, Florida, and want a fun and convenient way to explore the city? Look no further than Crabby Joe Cart Rentals, Anna Maria Golf Cart Rentals company, the go-to place for street-legal golf cart rentals.

Golf carts are the secret to an amazing vacation or sightseeing adventure. In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover all you need to know about golf cart rentals in Clearwater, Florida.

Why Rent a Golf Cart from Crabby Joe Cart Rentals, Anna Maria Golf Cart Rentals

1. Convenience and Flexibility

Golf carts in Clearwater offer top-notch convenience and flexibility. They’re small, easy to handle, and perfect for crowded areas. Whether you’re cruising the beach, checking out city attractions, or exploring residential neighborhoods, golf carts make travel hassle-free, saving you time and energy.

2. Sightseeing Opportunities

Island is famous for its stunning scenery and iconic landmarks. Renting a golf cart opens up a world of sightseeing opportunities. Cruise along the coast, taking in panoramic ocean views and magnificent sunsets. Explore the lively downtown area, home to unique shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. With a golf cart, you’re in charge of your adventure, discovering island hidden treasures.

3. Family-Friendly

Traveling with family or friends? Golf cart rentals are a fantastic choice. You can pick from 8-seat, 4-seat, and 6-seat golf carts, ensuring everyone travels comfortably. Create lasting memories on group outings, exploring the city together. Golf carts are a fun and family-friendly way to bond and experience island attractions in a unique way.

Golf Cart Rental Options in Anna Maria island Florida

Clearwater offers various golf cart rental options to suit your needs:

1. 8-Seat Street Legal Golf Carts: Ideal for large groups or extended families. These spacious carts comfortably seat everyone, making group outings a blast.

2. 4-Seat Street Legal Golf Carts: Perfect for couples or smaller groups. Explore the city intimately with your partner and make unforgettable memories.

3. 6-Seat Street Legal Golf Carts: Great for medium-sized groups. Travel together without splitting up or taking multiple vehicles.

How to Rent a Golf Cart in Anna Maria Island

Renting a golf cart in Clearwater is simple:

1. Reserve Your Golf Cart: Choose your destination and travel dates, check availability, and reserve your preferred golf cart online or by contacting Anna Maria Golf Cart Rentals.

2. Pick Up Your Golf Cart: On your rental day, your golf cart will be delivered to your location. You’ll receive instructions on how to operate it and any safety guidelines.

3. Explore Clearwater: Now it’s time to start your scenic adventure! Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of your street-legal golf cart as you explore island attractions, beaches, and charming neighborhoods.


Renting a street-legal golf cart in Anna Maria Island , Florida, is an excellent choice for a unique and convenient way to explore this beautiful city. With options for different group sizes and plenty to see, golf cart rentals offer a memorable vacation or sightseeing experience. So, don’t wait! Start your scenic journey in style and book your golf cart rental today to make the most of your island adventure.