FAQs – Anna Maria Golf Cart Rentals

​All golf cart drivers need to be at least 25 years of age and have valid insurance and driver’s licenses. Drivers need to sign the liability waiver as well as provide license information and proof of auto insurance before driving the cart. Any unauthorised drivers will be removed from the carts with the rental returned with no refund.

​Yes! We can have your golf cart waiting for you at your vacation rental.

​All carts can be driven anywhere the speed limit is 35 mph and lower on AMI. Golf carts must obey all traffic regulations. If travelling south on the island, you will come to the Long Boat Key Bridge. Please do not travel onto LBK island (the speed limit exceeds 35 MPH). You can travel west until you come to your first traffic light at 119th St W on Cortez Rd W.

Our carts are gas-powered. Electric carts have a very short range and get much slower as the battery wears down. Also, not all homes and condos allow you to plug in and charge.

Please call our office 1-877-Crabby Joes

We don’t offer any refunds. If you cancel a week ahead, we can offer a credit.

​You can park your cart just like any vehicle; however, be careful when parking on the street. If you choose to park on the street or in the neighborhoods…make sure you are in between the signs that state you can park there, park your cart facing the correct direction on that side of the street and make sure all 4 tires are off the roadway (asphalt, the tire can not be touching at all).

 Yes. Each driver over 25 would need to sign the waiver and pay $25.

Yes. They can drive on AMI on roads 35MPH or less.